Practical Stuff

Getting in Touch The first step is to call or email to arrange a brief conversation. This will give you an immediate sense of me and how I work as well as allowing us to see if I currently have a space available at time that can work for you.

Choosing to work together After the phone conversation the next step is to book an initial session. This allows us both to ask questions and to clarify what it is you would like to work on in therapy. It is helpful for me to understand something of you story and history without the session feeling rushed initial sessions are 75 minutes long

Planning Regular individual session are 50 minutes long. After the initial session if we both think who I am and what I can offer is a good fit, we then plan to meet for six further weekly session in the first instance. These may be online or in person We will review this on the fourth of the sessions and think together about whether it feels right to move beyond the first six sessions

Review Reviewing the work, offering your feedback and agreeing clear future goals continues throughout therapy. It is a vital way of celebrating and acknowledging the work of therapy, and keeping it on track to deliver the change and new possibilities you are reaching for.

Couples  Couples sessions are 75 minutes long and can be either on line or in person.

Children and parents Both child and parent support work can take place online or in person. Because there are limited places available after school there may be a wait before a place is available.

Brief therapy It may be that you are looking for a confidential space to work through a specific experience or problem. Brief therapy whether talk based or hypnotherapy assisted though limited in scope can provide the opportunity to do a targeted piece of work. Here the aim is to gain greater insight about the agreed focus and discover tools that can help you move forward.

Fees Fee scales vary according to nature of the work, location, and time of day.

Get in Touch

If you’d like to find out more about the services I offer, or arrange an initial consultation, you can contact me here.