Hi, I'm Madi

I’m a Psychotherapist and Artist living and working in the UK. These pages are here to share something of how I work both as Therapist and as a Clinical Supervisor.

Having been in the field a while I know there is no one size fits all approach and that therapy by its very nature is bespoke. My hope is you will get a sense who I am and what I can offer. Maybe you’ll have a sense my approach isn’t for you, on the other hand maybe you’ll get in touch. Whatever you decide I wish you well.


A talk-based approach to treating mental illness and distress through skilled relational support that promotes increased insight, resolution of inner conflict and the empowerment of change.

Arts Psychotherapy

Shares much of the same theoretical basis as Psychotherapy engages the visual and performing arts to explore feelings and lived experience. Involves talk therapy using image and metaphor as well as an opportunity to explore themes through other media

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Used as a brief treatment or a as a modality within an integrated approach.

My particular approach is non trance based and offers a method of self-support that can be used once therapy finishes.

Get in Touch

If you’d like to find out more about the services I offer, or arrange an initial consultation, you can contact me here.